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- Clue!, the -

The clue! and they stole a million are the only two games that I know which involve you being a burglar and the aim is to plan and rob a bunch of places. The clue! ads an adventure element to the game and an interesting story as well. You are Matt Stuyvesant and upon your arrival in London you are immediately robbed of pretty much all your belongings. Things take a turn for the better though as once you call a cab you happen to be customer number 100.000 which gives you the right to free cabrides for the rest of your life. You go to the bar you were instructed to and there you meet Martin Biggs, a crook with big plans. He has a plans for a big job but they need some extra cash to plan it all so he has a simple job for you and that is to rob a local sigar store. He gives you some money for tools, a getaway car and some advice before you set out to rob the place.

You can't commit any of the burglaries on your own however as you cannot drive and you'll have to find at least a driver to help you on the job. You'll have to check out the local bars to see if anyone is interested and if they are they will tell you what kind of things they can do and how much of the loot they want in. Luckily for you the entire city is as corrupt as you can get except for the few police officers running around. Once you find a partner you can buy some tools in the local hardware store which even gives you handy advice on how to use them. Now you can start planning the heist and once you're alone in your hotelroom and pull down the blinds.

Planning is done on an overhead map that shows you and your accomplices, the building and the getaway car. You have to individually move each character carefully and tell them what to do. You can give commands like pick lock, grab loot and opening doors and windows but you'll have to time the commands exactly because if there happens to be anything that wasn't in the plan like a door that is closed your accomplices will panic and run back. You can switch back and forth between characters and each of them is entirely instructed by you as they will not act or do anything on their own. If you are satisfied with the plan you can store it and if you are ready you can execute your plan. The execution of the plan is viewed from the same map as the planning except now you see you characters running around and doing stuff inside the building. If you complete the caper and you get away clean without getting spotted by the police the only thing left to do is to use a local fence to sell the loot and devide the money.

The first level, the sigar shop, is a very simple level that allows you learn the mechanics of the game but as you progress into the game the levels get more and more complicated. First off now you'll have to scout any interesting targest for yourself which means you have to stake out the place and see what's inside. The bigger buildings can also have more than one floor and many of them will have security in the form of electronic devices or guards. This will require you to use more accomplices to the maximum of four as you will need their expertise on things like electronics and safe cracking. You'll also need different cars as the first one can only hold two people. You can get a new one at the local used car dealer and it's important to choose the right car as you'll want a fast car without getting one that looks too conspicious. For that matter you should also not use the same people all the time as the police will uncover

The clue! is an excellent game and though the graphics are not of a too high a quality the gameplay is what counts. I didn't think robbing places could be so much fun but ofcourse I suggest you don't try it at home. The technical issues can put you off because it can be a real pain to get it running but I suggest you try it because I doubt you will find a game like it very soon.

Overal rating: 9/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for two systems here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1994.
Game has been tested but not completed on a DOS PC.
This game is extremely picky about memory usage which is why I can't get it to work on a windows system or dosbox. The zipfile contains a file called 'config.sys' which is a template for starting your system in a pure dos environment. Good luck getting it to run but it is worth the effort.
Others The game was also released for the amiga but the version I have doesn't work properly.

Date added Apr-07-2005 19:48
Name Clue!, the
Developer Neo software
Publisher Kompart UK
First released 1994
Genre Puzzle
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Download MS-DOS, filesize: 2577 Kb
Manual Download manual , filesize: 28 Kb
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