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- Inside trader -
Welcome to the world of stock trading where millions can be made or lost in a matter of minutes. The one thing that people always want is inside information so that they get information before it is made public and it allows you to make huge sums of money but it is also highly illegal and in the real world it can lead to fines and even prison sentences. This is where this game called 'inside trader' comes in, it deliberately puts you in a position where you can buy information and the aim of the game is to simply make a lot of money without getting caught.

You start with 50.000 dollars and you are put straight behind your console where all the stocks scroll by on the ticker. Here you can view the name and price of a stock and how much they gained or lost since they were previously shown. You can get detailed information by typing REPORT and the name of the stock which will tell you the full name and what business the company is in. This is important as there will constantly be news about things like economic forecast, mergers and global events which have an impact on the prices. If you need any help with the commands you can simply type in help which gives you all the information you need. The whole trading part is basically a case of buying stocks when they are low and selling when they are high to make a profit. Easier said than done because if you knew what was going to happen all the time we'd all be millionairs.

You can take a (educated) guess by looking at the information carefully but every once in a while you are offered information which you can use to your advantage. You'll usually have to pay several thousand dollars for this info but if it checks out you will make huge sums of money. It won't always be the case as mergers can also be stopped for whatever reason but usually the information is pretty good. Whenever you do this however you might be investigated by the SEC (I don't know what this stands for). Even then things are not completely lost as you can cooperate with them which will result in a fine. However you can also try and destroy the evidence which increases the chance you will get away with it but if they do find out it's game over instantly.

The events in the game come at quite a fast pace so be prepared to sell or buy stocks quickly once your portfolio has gained in value. Some of these events are bizarre like a terrorist launching a US nuclear icbm towards Moscow which result in a sudden market crash where all the stocks immediately drop in value. However even more bizarre is the event that happens right after where Russia accepts apologies from the US after they promise to rebuild Moscow leading to a rise in all stocks.

Inside trader is a very basic version of what actual stock trading is about as it does not have put/call options, trading fees etc. etc. and as such should not be interpeted as a realistic trading simulation. Despite the simple nature of the game and the fact that most of the time you spend waiting for your stocks to change in price I still found the game pretty fun to play. Maybe this is because I also do some reallife stock trading and I like the fact that you can't lose any money doing it. There is a major flaw in the game which makes it very easy to make huge amounts of cash without running any risk at all but I won't tell you here as it will ruin the game a bit. This type of game might not be everone's cup of tea so I suggest you check it out for yourself.

Overal rating: 7/10

Erde Kaiser

This game was released for one system here are some notes:
DOS Released in 1987.
Game has been tested but not completed on a DOS and Win2k PC.
Works on windows system but on one of them I had a weird problem where the last line of the screen was not showing so I suggest you try it for yourself. If you open it in a window the title screen will scroll really slow so you might try and turn it to fullscreen using alt+enter.

Date added Feb-23-2005 19:58
Name Inside trader
Developer Cosmi corporation
Publisher Cosmi corporation
First released 1987
Genre Simulation
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Download MS-DOS, filesize: 93 Kb
Manual No manual available
Solve / Docs No solve available
No extra docs available

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