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Nov 30 - No fish
Oct 05 - Big Mac!
Aug 03 - Bruce Lee!
Jun 08 - You want the be a lion?
Jun 01 - Horse racing
May 17 - Big update
May 04 - Whooo
Apr 25 - Oh my
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Manhunter: New York
Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man
Bruce Lee
Space quest 2 - Vohauls revenge
Yo! Joe!
Robinson's requiem
Voodoo nightmare
Zombie apocalypse
Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego
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 Name Developer Publisher Type Year System
Ace of aces Artech digital U.S. Gold Simulation 1986
Armored fist Novalogic Novalogic Simulation 1994
B-17 flying fortress Microprose Microprose Simulation 1992
Big game fishing Simulmondo Simulmondo Simulation 1991
David's midnight magic Broderbund Broderbund Simulation 1982
Elite Acornsoft Firebird Simulation 1984
F-15 Strike eagle Microprose Microprose Simulation 1984
Falcon Spectrum Holobyte Mirrorsoft Simulation 1987
Ford simulator Beck-tech Ford motor company Simulation 1987
Gone fishin Amtex Amtex Simulation 1994
Inside trader Cosmi corporation Cosmi corporation Simulation 1987
Jack Charlton's match fishing Aligata software Aligata software Simulation 1985
Jimmy White's wirlwind snooker Virgin Virgin Simulation 1991
Kingpin Team 17 Team 17 Simulation 1995
Leaderboard Access U.S. Gold Simulation 1986
Lion Manley associates Sanctuary Woods Simulation 1995
M1 Tank platoon Microprose Microprose Simulation 1989
Nascar racing Papyrus design group Sierra on-line Simulation 1994
Night mission pinball Sublogic Sublogic Simulation 1982
Ocean ranger Activision Activision Simulation 1988
Parlour games Compile Sega Simulation 1987
Pinball dreams Digital Illusions 21st Century Entertainment Simulation 1992
Pinball fantasies Digital Illusions 21st Century Entertainment Simulation 1992
Red baron Dynamix Sierra on-line Simulation 1990
Steel thunder Accolade Accolade Simulation 1988
Thunderhawk Core Core Simulation 1991
Ultimate golf Gremlin Gremlin Simulation 1990
Up periscope! Actionsoft Actionsoft Simulation 1986
Vegas gambler Logical Design Works, Inc. California dreams Simulation 1987
Wolf Sanctuary Woods Manley associates Simulation 1994


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