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Nov 30 - No fish
Oct 05 - Big Mac!
Aug 03 - Bruce Lee!
Jun 08 - You want the be a lion?
Jun 01 - Horse racing
May 17 - Big update
May 04 - Whooo
Apr 25 - Oh my
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Manhunter: New York
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Bruce Lee
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 Name Developer Publisher Type Year System
Al-Qadim: the genie's curse Cyberlore studios SSI RPG 1990
Battletech: The crescent hawk's inception Westwood Infocom RPG 1988
Buck Rogers: Countdown to doomsday SSI SSI RPG 1990
Dark sun: shattered lands SSI SSI RPG 1993
Don't go alone Sterling silver software Accolade RPG 1989
Dungeon hack Dreamforge intertainment SSI RPG 1993
Elder scrolls: Arena, the Bethesda Softworks U.S. Gold RPG 1993
Elvira: Mistress of the dark Horrorsoft Accolade RPG 1990
Eye of the beholder Westwood SSI RPG 1990
Eye of the beholder 2 Westwood SSI RPG 1991
Eye of the beholder 3 SSI SSI RPG 1993
Forest of Doom Puffin Books Puffin Books RPG 1984
Gateway to the savage frontier Stormfront studios SSI RPG 1991
Heimdall The 8th day Virgin RPG 1992
Legacy, the Microprose Microprose RPG 1993
Might and Magic 2: Gates to another world New world computing New world computing RPG 1988
Might and Magic: book 1 New world computing New world computing RPG 1986
Ormus saga, the Mike Doran Mike Doran RPG 1991
Phantasy star Sega Sega RPG 1987
Pool of radiance SSI SSI RPG 1988
Questron SSI SSI RPG 1984
Realms of Arkania Attic entertainment Fantasy productions RPG 1992
Shadow caster Raven software Origin systems RPG 1993
Spirit of Excalibur Synergistic software Avalon interactive RPG 1990
Superhero league of Hoboken Legend entertainment Legend entertainment RPG 1994
Ultima 1 Origin systems Origin systems RPG 1980
Ultima II: revenge of the enchantress Sierra on-line Origin systems RPG 1982
Ultima underworld: the Stygian Abyss Blue sky productions Origin systems RPG 1992
Waxworks Horrorsoft Accolade RPG 1992
Xenomorph Pandora Pandora RPG 1990


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