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Nov 30 - No fish
Oct 05 - Big Mac!
Aug 03 - Bruce Lee!
Jun 08 - You want the be a lion?
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May 04 - Whooo
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Manhunter: New York
Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man
Bruce Lee
Space quest 2 - Vohauls revenge
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 Name Developer Publisher Type Year System
A view to a kill Softstone ltd. Domark Action 1985
Addams family, the Ocean Ocean Action 1992
Airborne ranger Microprose Microprose Action 1987
Aladdin Disney software Disney software Action 1994
Another world Delphine Interplay Action 1991
Ark pandora Rino marketing Rino marketing Action 1986
Arkanoid Taito Taito Action 1986
Asterix and the magic cauldron Beam software Melbourne house Action 1985
Aztec challenge Cosmi corporation Cosmi corporation Action 1983
Bad street brawler Beam software Mindscape Action 1987
Barbarian Palace software Palace software Action 1987
BAT Computer's dream UBI Soft Action 1990
Batman the movie Ocean Ocean Action 1989
Battle of atlantis I.J.K. Software I.J.K. Software Action 1982
Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man Mr. Chip software Mastertronic Action 1985
Blueprint Bally Midway Commodore Action 1983
Blues brothers, the Titus Titus Action 1991
Bruce Lee Datasoft Datasoft Action 1984
Bubble bobble Taito Firebird Action 1987
Cabal Tad corporation Ocean Action 1989
Camel trophy Tequila Tequila Action 1985
Camelot warriors Dinamic software Dinamic software Action 1985
Captain blood ERE informatique Mindscape Action 1988
Centipede Atari Atari Action 1982
Commander Keen 1 ID software Apogee Action 1990
Commando Capcom Data East Action 1983
Desert strike Electronic arts Electronic arts Action 1992
Dino eggs D. Schroeder Micro fun Action 1983
Double dragon Technos Japan Technos Japan Action 1988
Dragon's lair Readysoft Readysoft Action 1989
Eidolon, the Lucasfilm Epyx Action 1985
Elevator action Taito Quicksilva Action 1985
Eon Kingsoft Kingsoft Action 1993
Eskimo games Matai entertainment Magic Bytes Action 1989
Eternam Infogrames Infogrames Action 1992
Falcon patrol Steve Lee Virgin Action 1983
Fist 2: The legend continues Beam software Melbourne house Action 1986
Frogger Action 1982
Galaxian Namco limited Atarisoft Action 1982
Gauntlet Atari games Mindscape Action 1988
Ghostbusters Activision Activision Action 1984
Ghosts 'n goblins Capcom Capcom Action 1985
GODS Bitmap Brothers Renegade software Action 1991
Gold of the Aztecs Kinetica U.S. Gold Action 1990
Golden axe Sega Sega Action 1989
Great Giana sisters, the Time warp productions Rainbow arts Action 1987
Gyruss Parker Brothers Parker Brothers Action 1984
Hawkeye Boys without brains Thamalus Action 1988
High noon Ocean Ocean Action 1984
Hostages Infogrames Infogrames Action 1988
Hunchback Century electronics Ocean Action 1983
Hunter patrol Mastertronic Mastertronic Action 1985
Ikari warriors SNK corperation Elite Action 1986
Impossible mission Epyx Epyx Action 1984
Incredible machine, the Dynamix Sierra on-line Action 1990
Indiana jones and the temple of doom Atari games U.S. Gold Action 1987
International Karate System 3 System 3 Action 1985
Into the eagle's nest Gibson games Mindscape Action 1986
Ivanhoe Ocean Ocean Action 1990
Jaws LJN toys, ltd. LJN toys, ltd. Action 1987
Judge dredd Melbourne house Melbourne house Action 1991
Jumpman Epyx Epyx Action 1983
Jupiter lander Commodore Commodore Action 1982
Karnov Data East Data East Action 1987
Katakis Rainbow arts Rainbow arts Action 1988
Kikstart Mastertronic Mastertronic Action 1985
Killed until dead Artech digital Accolade Action 1986
Knight games The English software company The English software company Action 1986
Kung fu master Data East Data East Action 1985
Last ninja 2, the System 3 System 3 Action 1988
Last ninja, the System 3 System 3 Action 1987
Mayhem in monsterland Apex Apex Action 1993
Mega Apocalypse Martech Martech Action 1987
Microprose soccer Sensible software Microprose Action 1988
Midnight resistance Data East Ocean Action 1990
Montezuma's revenge Parker Brothers Parker Brothers Action 1983
Mortal kombat Midway Acclaim Action 1993
Mr. Mephisto Euro-byte Euro-byte Action 1984
Myth - history in the making System 3 System 3 Action 1989
Namcap Mastertronic Mastertronic Action 0
Narco police Iron byte Dinamic software Action 1990
New York warriors Synergistic software Virgin Mastertronic Action 1990
New Zealand story, the Ocean Ocean Action 1989
Night breed Ocean Ocean Action 1990
Ninja gaiden Tecmo ltd. Tecmo ltd. Action 1989
Ninja rabbits Microvalue Microvalue Action 1991
Oil's well Sierra on-line Sierra on-line Action 1983
One must fall 2097 Diversions Entertainment Epic megagames Action 1994
Ooze: Creepy nites Dragonware games Ariolasoft Action 1989
Operation thunderbolt Taito Ocean Action 1989
Operation wolf Taito Ocean Action 1988
Outlands Pandora Pandora Action 1989
Outrun Sega U.S. Gold Action 1987
Pac-man Atari Atari Action 1981
Paperboy Sega Mindscape Action 1986
Persian gulf inferno, the Parsec software Innerprise software Action 1989
Pitfall Activision Activision Action 1982
Prince of persia Broderbund Broderbund Action 1990
Prince of Persia 2 Broderbund Broderbund Action 1993
Quarantine Imagexcel Gametek Action 1990
Quest for atlantis Iyama software Iyama software Action 1998
Quick draw McGraw Hitec software Hitec software Action 1990
Qwak Team 17 Team 17 Action 1993
Raid on bungeling bay Broderbund Broderbund Action 1984
Rampage Bally Midway Activision Action 1987
Renegade Taito Imagine Action 1987
Retrograde Apex computer production Thamalus Action 1989
Rick dangerous Core Firebird Action 1989
Rick Dangerous 2 Core Micro style Action 1990
River raid Activision Activision Action 1982
Road rash Electronic arts Electronic arts Action 1991
Robinson's requiem Silmarils Readysoft Action 1994
Robocop Ocean Data East Action 1988
Rocket Ranger Cinemaware Cinemaware Action 1988
Rush'n attack Konami Imagine Action 1986
Sacred armor of Antiriad, the Palace software Palace software Action 1986
Sinbad and the throne of the falcon Cinemaware Cinemaware Action 1987
Space Quest: the Sarien encounter Sierra on-line Sierra on-line Action 1986
Spike's peak Larry Holland HesWare Action 1983
Summer games Epyx Epyx Action 1984
Sword of Sodan Discovery software Action 1988
Tag team wrestling Data East Data East Action 1986
Teenage mutant ninja turtles Konami Ultra software corporation Action 1990
Terminal velocity Terminal reality inc. 3D Realms Action 1995
Thunderblade Sega U.S. Gold Action 1988
Tooth invaders Commodore Commodore Action 1982
Train - escape to Normandy, the Artech Digital Entertainments, Inc. Accolade Action 1987
Turrican Rainbow arts Rainbow arts Action 1990
Ultimate pinball quest, the Interactivision Infogrames Action 1994
UN squadron Capcom Capcom Action 1990
Uncanny X-men, the LJN toys, ltd. LJN toys, ltd. Action 1988
Universal warrior Zeppelin games Zeppelin games Action 1993
Untouchables, the Ocean Ocean Action 1989
Up 'n Down Sega Sega Action 1984
Videokid twilight Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd. Action 1992
Vigilante Irem corp. U.S. Gold Action 1989
Vindicator, the Imagine Ocean Action 1988
Volfied Taito Empire Action 1989
Voodoo nightmare Palace software Gremlin Action 1990
Way of the exploding fist, the Melbourne house Melbourne house Action 1985
Who dares wins Alligata software ltd. Alligata software ltd. Action 1985
Wing Commander Origin systems Origin systems Action 1990
Wings of fury Broderbund Broderbund Action 1990
Wizard of Wor Midway Bally Midway Action 1982
Wonderboy Sega Sega Action 1987
Wonderboy 3 Sega Sega Action 1989
Wonderboy in monsterland Sega Hudson soft Action 1987
WWF wrestlemania twilight Ocean Action 1991
X-15 Alpha mission Activision Activision Action 1990
X-it Data Design interactive Psygnosis Action 1994
X-out Rainbow arts Rainbow arts Action 1989
Xenon Bitmap Brothers Melbourne house Action 1988
Xenon 2: Megablast Bitmap Brothers Image Works Action 1989
Xevious Namco limited Action 1984
Xiphos Electronic zoo Electronic zoo Action 1990
Yie ar kung fu Konami Imagine Action 1984
Yo! Joe! Scipio Play byte Action 1993
Yoghi's great escape Hanna-Barbera productions Hanna-Barbera productions Action 1990
Yolanda Millenium Interactive Millenium Interactive Action 1990
Z-out Advantec Software Rainbow arts Action 1990
Zaxxon Sega U.S. Gold Action 1982
Zeewolf Binary Asylum Binary Asylum Action 1994
Zombie apocalypse Vision Epic marketing Action 1993
Zool Gremlin Gremlin Action 1993
Zorro Capstone software Capstone software Action 1995
Zulu Firebird Firebird Action 1990
Zybex Zeppelin Zeppelin Action 1985


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